Bose says its next earbuds will be better than Amazon's Echo buds.



The audio company has allowed the retail giant to use its noise reduction technology in its latest headphones - the first time they've allowed another firm to do this - but they have made it clear that something bigger is in the pipeline for their own release.

A spokesperson told The Verge: "Amazon is using Bose Active Noise Reduction in the Echo Buds, which is different than Bose Active Noise-Cancellation.

"The performance target for Echo Buds was set by Amazon, and the Bose active noise-reduction system used to achieve that target minimizes background noise as you move throughout your day.

"Bose's noise cancelling headphones, like the QC35IIs and the Bose Noise-Cancelling [Headphones] 700, use proprietary active noise-cancellation technology -- exclusive to Bose -- to dramatically decrease the full-spectrum of noise in everyday places, as well as much harsher, challenging environments, like planes or city subways..

The company confirmed the technology used to actually cancel noise - rather than just reduce it - is saved for its own products.

The spokesperson added: "Bose's active noise-cancellation technology is only available in Bose headphones.

"It uses a combination of Bose active and passive noise-cancelling technologies, microphones, digital signal processing, and an acoustic design and electronics package to deliver unrivaled performance."