Cars will soon be able to give shade on demand.



Supplier company Gentex has been looking at new ways to put dimmable glass - typically used n the likes of Boeing's 787 Dreamliner to dim windows instead of using traditional sunshades - to good use.

Speaking at CES in Las Vegas, the firm - which works in automotive, aerospace alongside other industries as the leading source of dimmable devices - has big plans for the technology.

As reported by CNET, Craig Piersma - director of marketing and corporate communication - explained: "Electrochromics is the science of darkening materials using electricity.

"So, it's basically a ... proprietary gel that we sandwich in between two pieces of glass, and when a current flows through that gel it darkens."

Once the electricty goes away, it is fully transparent.

Although it sounds simple, the reality is a little more complicated.

He added: "There's a lot of unique coatings and things that go into it."