An iOS developer is working on an iPhone app to bring back the iPod Classic.



Design student Elvin Hu - who hs studying at Cooper Union college in New York City - started work on the project last month, with the gola of creating a programme to recreate Apple's influential product complete with a nostalgic click wheel with haptic feedback.

After sharing a preview on Twitter, he told The Verge: "I've always been a fan of Apple products since I was a kid.

"Before my family could afford one, I would draw the UI layout of iPhone on lids of Ferrero Rocher boxes.

Their products (among other products, such as Windows Vista and Zune HD) have greatly influenced my decision of pursuing design as a career."

If all goes to plan at school, Hu hopes to have the app finished by December, but he admitted there's a chance Apple - which has discontinued sales and support for the original iPod Classic - could not allow its release.

He added: "I've been working on this project since October and whether I can release it or not does depend on whether Apple approve it.

"I believe they have legitimate reasons not to (patents and other reasons)."