Electric scooters are being trialled in London in a bid to get them legalised on public roads.

Bird Ride Inc scooter

Bird Ride Inc scooter

The US brand Bird Rides Inc. has started a pilot service enabling people to use the two-wheeler on private land with the hope that it will showcase how popular the mode of transport is and make the government rethink its legislation.

From Tuesday (06.11.18), 50 scooters will be available to ride on a planned route between Stratford Rail Station in East London to the Californian brand's office, 1.2 miles away.

Riders will travel through Queen Elizabeth Olympic, meaning the company avoids breaking the law.

The rider is unable to deviate from the route as soon as it picks up on any foul-play through its GPS navigation system, the bike shuts down.

Those wishing to hire a bike for the journey will pay just £1 to unlock the bike and 20 pence per minute.

Bird hope the experiment "will help demonstrate the benefit Bird will bring to UK cities more broadly".