Half of Facebook's employees could be working remotely in 10 years' time.

Mark Zuckerberg

Mark Zuckerberg

That is according to Mark Zuckerberg, the chief executive of Facebook, who has hinted at how the tech giant will evolve over the next decade.

The billionaire businessman told The Verge: "We're going to be the most forward-leaning company on remote work at our scale.

"We need to do this in a way that's thoughtful and responsible, so we're going to do this in a measured way.

"But I think that it's possible that over the next five to 10 years - maybe closer to 10 than five, but somewhere in that range - I think we could get to about half of the company working remotely permanently."

Meanwhile, Zuckerberg admitted earlier this week that Facebook finds itself in the mist of a political "arms race" involving countries such as Russia, Iran and China.

He also confessed that the social media platform was behind the curve when it came to the US election back in 2016.

Zuckerberg said: "Countries are going to continue to try and interfere and we are going to see issues like that but we have learnt a lot since 2016 and I feel pretty confident that we are going to be able to protect the integrity of the upcoming election."