Facial recognition systems in China have flagged a woman on an advert for "jaywalking".

Facial recognition in China accidentally flags advert for jaywalking

Facial recognition in China accidentally flags advert for jaywalking

China's surveillance system - which features facial recognition software - failed last week when it inadvertently shamed a woman whom it had supposedly caught jaywalking, when in actual fact she was simply appearing in a poster for a bus company, which happened to be on the roadside.

Last week, the face of Dong Mingzhu - the chairwoman of a leading air conditioner manufacturer in China - was displayed on a giant billboard-sized screen in Ningbo, a major port city in east China's Zhejiang province, to publicly shame her for crossing the road before traffic lights permitted her to do so.

But the cameras hadn't caught her jaywalking, as they had instead simply identified a photo of her from a bus advertisement.

Traffic police reportedly announced in a blog post on Sina Weibo on Wednesday that it deleted the photo and that its surveillance system would be fixed to prevent future misidentifications.

Gree Electric Appliances, the company Mingzhu works for, also reportedly published a blog post on Sina Weibo that same day expressing gratitude for the city's traffic police and urging people to follow the traffic rules.

China's failing facial recognition system could pose a problem for Chinese police in the future, as the country is thought to be buying more than three-quarters of servers made specifically for combing through surveillance footage for faces.