Flying cars will be a reality in five years, according to Intel's drone chief.



Anil Nanduri - the general manager of the tech company's drone group - has admitted he expects airbourne cars to be used by the public over the next half a decade, and although he doesn't expect them to be widespread, he thinks it's a certainty that the trend will start.

He said:"There will definitely be flights with flying cars in five years. At scale? Probably not. But definitely you'll see them starting to be up in the sky.

"The most amazing thing about autonomous air traffic is that airspace solves the three-dimensional challenge that the ground traffic is faced with."

While Nanduri acknowledged there are potential issues ranging from battery life to noise pollution, the executive insisted that it's an important step in tackling traffic issues.

he added: "In 10 years, you'll start to see air taxis. It's our job to make it happen. A business guy can run the economics and see how the cost models work out at the ecosystem level.

"When you see that, you know it's going to happen. And you have these huge pain points. Traffic is only getting more and more congested, and people want instant gratification -- they want everything delivered.

"Now, how do you put it all together and get the regulations and get the compliance? Once you see that one instance of it working, then you'll see it rapidly roll out."