Google has produced new guidelines for business owners amid the coronavirus pandemic.



The tech giant has decided to issue an FAQ in an effort to minimise the damage being done by virus, which has prompted lockdowns for various businesses - both online and offline - around the globe.

In a tweet promoting the new guidelines, Google said: "Do you need to hit pause on your online business for some time? We just published some do's and don't's to help you with maintaining your site's presence in search. Check it out! (sic)"

As part of its guidelines, Google has warned that disabling a site may harm its search rankings when it eventually returns to the web.

John Mueller, Google's senior webmaster trends analyst, explained: "If your situation is temporary and you plan to reopen your online business, we recommend keeping your site online and limiting the functionality.

"For example, you might mark items as out of stock, or restrict the cart and checkout process. This is the recommended approach since it minimises any negative effects on your site's presence in Search.

"People can still find your products, read reviews, or add wishlists so they can purchase at a later time."