Huawei has launched a marketing campaign to mark 20 years of business in the UK.



The Chinese telecommunications company launched a newspaper and internet campaign in recognition of the landmark, as it reaffirmed its commitment to provide "the best equipment" to the UK's 5G mobile and full-fibre broadband providers.

According to Victor Zhang, the vice president of Huawei and head of its UK operations, the campaign is designed to give people facts about the company amid a security review into its business.

The ongoing investigation could lead the UK government to ban use of Huawei's 5G network kit.

But Zhang hopes the UK would take an "evidence and fact-based approach" to its review, amid various political pressures on the outcome.

He told the BBC: "We need to work closely to address the issue, but we need to take action to accelerate the broadband deployment.

"We don't have time to delay this."

Earlier this year, the US placed significant sanctions on the firm, limiting its access to American computer chip technology.

Zhang added: "We think this decision will heavily impact on the global supply chain of the semiconductor industry.

"We need to work out a solution."