Instagram has ditched the Direct messaging app.



The standalone app only launched in December 2017 but the app no longer appears in the App Store.

Regular users of Direct needn't worry about losing their messages though, as CNET reports that they are simply "moving over to the dedicated Instagram app".

Instagram is yet to offer up a comment as to why they have removed the app.

Meanwhile, the Facebook-owned app recently announced its changing their rules regarding account removals.

The photo sharing social networking site confirmed plans to roll out a new set of guidelines for banning users.

As it stands, accounts are currently allowed a "certain percentage" of violations over a period of time before they get banned, but this is weighed in a way that more prolific posters are given more leeway.

However, CNET reported that the new policy will see accounts taken down after a certain number of violations in a set time frame, which all users held to the same standard.

The company is yet to disclose the exact number of violations or the time, because Instagram doesn't want anyone to have the chance to take advantage of the guidelines.