Instagram has added a tool for reporting fake news.



The Facebook-owned social media app are committed to "tackling misinformation" and are looking into more ways to stop the spreading of such content.

Stephanie Otway, spokeswoman for Instagram, said: "This is an initial step as we work towards a more comprehensive approach to tackling misinformation."

Content reported as false on places like Instagram's Explore tab, will be removed.

Adam Mosseri, the head of the social media app, previously said the company welcomes increased responsibility, and called for "regulation overall" when it comes to integrity and fake news.

The boss - who started his role in October - added that it "makes sense" that Instagram is scrutinised to such a degree.

He added: "Sometimes it's not comfortable for us to be criticised and to have our mistakes aired in public but I think fundamentally it is a healthy dynamic.

"Research - whether it's coming from academics, regulators, politicians - we think it's fundamentally a good thing."

Meanwhile, Instagram recently started testing new features to make it easier to get your account back from hackers.

In a statement, the company said: "We know that losing access to your account can be a distressing experience.

"We have measures in place to stop accounts from being hacked in the first place, as well as measures to help people recover their accounts.

"But we heard from the community that these measures aren't enough, and people are struggling to regain access to their accounts."