Instagram and Facebook influencers have been warned that they'll be banned from promoting branded content about vaping, tobacco and weapons.



Such products have "long" been banned by Facebook, but the company has now pledged to really crackdown on the issue.

It's been confirmed, too, that branded content promoting alcohol and diet supplements will now need special restrictions.

Instagram, for its part, has yet to fully explain what the special restrictions will entail. The photo-sharing platform has also announced that it's expanding the branded content tools that it currently offers.

The announcement was made after Instagram recently unveiled plans to flag photo captions that it feels are offensive or abusive.

The Facebook-owned social media app announced earlier this year that they were using AI to let people know when they were not happy with their choice of comments, and now after getting such good feedback, they are now using it on the text users place under their photos or videos on the platform.

The new tool is called Caption Warning, which will pop up and ask the user if they really want to post their caption if it appears to contain bullying language.

The warning reads: "This caption looks similar to others that have been reported."