Instagram will now hide search results for hashtags containing false information about vaccines.



The social media platform has confirmed this week it is now starting to essentially block access to hashtags which consistently return misinformation seeking to persuade people not to get vaccinated.

Announcing the news at a press event on Thursday (09.05.19), Instagram's global head of public policy explained: "If the hashtag was #vaccines1234, if it contained a high proportion of known vaccine misinformation, we would block that hashtag entirely."

The posts and results in question need to have been verified as false by the World Health Organiation, the Centres for Disease Control and other similar organisations.

However, the company confirmed that other posts expressing anti-vaccine stances would e allowed to stay up if they have not been verified as false.

The news comes after it was revealed Instagram is changing its rules regarding account removals.

As it stands, accounts are currently allowed a "certain percentage" of violations over a period of time before they get banned, but this is weighed in a way that more prolific posters are given more leeway.

However, it's said that the new policy will see accounts taken down after a certain number of violations in a set time frame, which all users held to the same standard.

The company hasn't disclosed the exact number of violations or the time, because Instagram doesn't want anyone to have the chance to take advantage of the guidelines.