Cocktail posts on Instagram are at their most popular at 2pm on Fridays.

The Not Pink Drink

The Not Pink Drink

On behalf of Google, a team of social media experts have analysed over 10,000 posts featuring #cocktail on the site, and discovered the time slot they get the most engagement, while the hashtags #pink, #neon, #glutenfree and #vegan were among the most sharable attributes.

Two fifths of the top posts tagged #gin over any other spirit, and so to reflect the fact the average Brit attends at least one drinks event every week in December, Google Pixel 3 asked The Amateur Mixologist, Matt Hollidge, to use their research data to create the UK's most shareable cocktail - the Not Pink Drink.

The drink had a gin base, and incorporated butterfly pea flowers and elderflower liqueur as #flowers is another popular flavour hashtag.

Inspired by Pixel 3, the cocktail features a 'Wide-Angle Selfie Skewer' #garnish, of 'not pink' macarons and marshmallows threaded onto an extra long skewer, to showcase the phone's wide lens camera.

A black light caused tonic water to glow in the drink - which was made pink with a 'Wind Down Waterfall' - in order to reflect the popularity of #neon and the low light camera function on the device.

Matt said: "Nowadays people don't just want cocktails to taste good, they want them to be something they can share - which makes my job of creating them even more fun. It's all about what you can capture on your phone and show your mates, so using Pixel 3 as inspiration was really interesting.

"I loved the challenge of incorporating different features of the phone into the design, particularly the wellness colour-change elements. As well as making the final cocktail as photogenic as possible!"