Instagram is testing a new feature for showing recommended content.



The photo sharing social media platform has been slowly rolling out a new feature to a small number of users, which would show suggested accounts to follow below newly posted updates from people already followed by the user.

The new update sees recommended accounts appear in the main feed, with separate tabs for 'Suggested' and 'Older' posts, the latter of which takes a user back to posts they've already seen.

Instagram confirmed in a statement: "If you're in the test, this is shown after you see all the posts in your Feed. Once you get the 'You're All Caught Up' notice and scroll past it, you have the option to see suggested posts or go back to older posts that you've already viewed."

The update won't take over the main feed, but instead will only be shown once a user has seen all the posts on offer from the people they already follow.

Instagram previously trialled a different version of this idea in 2018, when a separate pop-up would appear once all new posts had been seen.

The pop-up allowed users to choose whether they wanted to view old posts again or keep scrolling for recommendations, but there was no split feed, so users either viewed the recommendations or had to scroll back to the top to see older posts.

As of the time of writing, there has been no announcement as to when the feature could be rolled out to all users.