Inventors are working on a robot to carry out basic health tasks to help free up medical staff's time amidst the coronavirus.

Inventors develop robot to help amidst coronavirus

Inventors develop robot to help amidst coronavirus

The clever robot can be used to perform tasks such as doing ultrasounds, listening to a patient's organs as well as take mouth swabs.

Professor Zheng Gangtie, the robot's chief designer from Tsinghua University, said: "Doctors are all very brave. But this virus is just too contagious - we can use robots to perform the most dangerous tasks."

It was initially designed to be fully autonomous but on feedback, doctors said people would prefer a friendly face.

Professor Gangtie added: "But the feedback from doctors was that it would be better for there to be less automation, as a personal presence would comfort and calm the patient."

Two versions of the robot are being tested in China.