The limited edition 'iPhone 11 Pro Superior Job's cost £5,000 and contains a piece of the late Apple CEO Steve Jobs' turtleneck jumper.

Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs

The luxury tech brand Caviar have created just nine tribute iPhones in honour of Jobs - who sadly passed away in October 2011 after a battle with Pancreatic cancer - which comes with part of his signature clothing and his signature.

Caviar explained: "As a tribute to the immortal genius, Caviar creates a model of the new iPhone 11 Pro in the style of that first iPhone model that has become a breakthrough in the world of technologies.

"The lower part of the smartphone is crowned with the Steve Jobs' autograph as a seal of quality, as a sign that the device will work for you for years and years."

For an added touch, the Apple logo is made of titanium.

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