A major design decision at Apple has been accidentally leaked by one of the company's key suppliers.



Apple supplier Lumentum Holdings has announced sizeable growth in its AR and 3D-sensing business, which is responsible for supplying components for Face ID in the iPhone X.

The firm said, too, that volume orders will accelerate "significantly" from September 2018 onwards, thereby hinting that new iPhones will move to a bezel-less design with Face ID, Forbes reports.

Eyebrows were raised to the situation when it emerged that demand for Lumentum Holdings' VCSEL component spiked, according to the company's most-recent figures, even though Apple's figures for the same period didn't reveal any increase in iPhone sales.

The move towards iPhone-X inspired designs and Face ID security represents a significant shift for the entire iPhone range.

Meanwhile, outspoken rap star Kanye West recently thanked Apple and its co-founder Steve Jobs for inspiring him everyday.

Following the firm's valuation exceeding $1 trillion, Kanye wrote on Twitter: "Steve Jobs you are one of my biggest inspirations and your story spirit and drive helps to push me everyday congratulations on Apple hitting a trillion dollars also congrats to Eddie Q and Johnny Ives and Tim Cook and the entire Apple team ... You guys are so important and what you do is so special and inspiring to our planet Thank you for being so great (sic)"