Apple has sold less iPhones than expected - and it will no longer reveal unit sales of its major devices.



The tech giant has announced it hasn't matched up to the figures predicted by analysts, and added that it expected poor revenue results for the upcoming December quarter.

Meanwhile, the company has also confirmed it will no longer give details of unit sales for its major devices - including iPhones, iPads and Macs.

Although iPhone revenue has soared, it appears the sales figures have fallen short of what was predicted.

The initial results saw Apple shares drop around 4 per cent, and then there was a further decline - more than 7 per cent - after the earnings call revealing the new reporting structure.

On Thursday (01.11.18), Apple revealed it had sold 46.9 million over the quarter ending September 29, which was similar to last year's 46.7 million.

However, the price boost seems to be helping the company as iPhone revenue rose 29 per cent to $37.2 billion.