Mark Zuckerberg thinks VR and AR will live together as different formats.



The Facebook founder has opened up about the future of virtual reality after buying Oculus for $2 billion in 2014, and he insisted that there's no guarantee that augmented reality will step in as a replacement as technology advances.

He told CNET: "I don't think it's a 2020 thing. But hopefully it's not a 2030 thing... [But] if you think about how we use screens, phones are the ones we bring with us, but half of our time with screens is TVs. I think VR is TV and AR is phones."

Zuckerberg also suggested that the social networking company should be the brand deliver a future where people can work, play and communicate inside virtual and augmented worlds.

Taking a dig at rivals like Apple, Google and Microsoft, he said Facebook wouldn't rush out technology as they wanted to focus on long-term ambitions to find the right model to build on.

He said: "It'll probably turn out pretty different if we're helping to shape this versus any of the other companies that might work on it, who I think are more inclined to push a model that's more just around 'here's your app, here's your content, I'm gonna pull it from a store'.

"We want to help shape the next computing platform to be more about interacting with people and not just apps and tasks."