Microsoft and Intel have confirmed they will both continue to support Huawei laptops.



The two firms have both agreed to continue supplying updates to the Chinese company's devices.

In a statement issued to PCWorld, Microsoft said: "We remain committed to providing exceptional customer experiences.

"Our initial evaluation of the US Department of Commerce's decision on Huawei has indicated we may continue to offer Microsoft software updates to customers with Huawei devices."

The Chinese tech giants - who are the world's largest maker of telecoms equipment - were recently added to a list of companies that US firms cannot trade with unless they have a license, amid the fears of national security concerns.

But Huawei have repeatedly denied allegations that the use of their products presents security risks, and says it is independent from the Chinese government.

The company's chairman Liang Hua has claimed the firm would be willing to sign a "no-spy agreement" with the US - although he admitted it could be too late.

Speaking at press conference in America, he added: "But since the US has not bought from us, is not buying from us, and might not buy from us in the future, I don't know if there is such an opportunity to sign such an agreement."

Facebook recently blacklisted Huawei, banning them from pre-installing their apps.

The company - which owns the social networking site along with Instagram and WhatsApp - confirmed they will not be allowed to have its platforms already installed on devices, although they can still be downloaded.

A Facebook spokesperson confirmed: "We are reviewing the Commerce Department's final rule and the more recently issued temporary general license and taking steps to ensure compliance."