Millions of broken Wikipedia links have been fixed.

Wikipedia links fixed

Wikipedia links fixed

The online encyclopedia is one of the world's most-visited websites, but it is also known for its use of broken links, which is caused by third-party sites closing or updating their pages.

However, as many as nine million links have now been fixed thanks to the Internet Archive, which has created a system that points visitors to snapshots of what the sites used to display.

Mark Graham, who is the director of the Internet Archive, has also revealed that members of the Wikipedia community have successfully tackled so-called content drift.

This problem crops up when page remains online, but it no longer looks like what the editor had originally intended because its text and images have changed.

Mark - who explained that volunteers had already fixed more than three million links - said: "We will expand our efforts to check and edit more Wikipedia sites and increase the speed which we scan those sites and fix broken links."

Since Wikipedia was launched in 2001, the free encyclopedia - which is based on a model of openly editable content - has become the most popular general reference website on the internet.