A new study has suggested that supporters of the Islamic State group are using internet archive to ensure their online propaganda is not deleted.

Archive issues

Archive issues

Two hidden internet forums have apparently been used by the group in order to frustrate efforts to delete their messages, with Archive.org links being found to be the most common type on the forums over the last couple of years.

Using the US-based service, groups such as Islamic State - whose content might otherwise be deleted - are able to save their messages online.

However, the Internet Archive has now confirmed that measures are being taken to address the problem.

Ken Wolf, senior analyst at Flashpoint, wrote: "The use of [the Internet Archive] has allowed the group to achieve persistence whenever content posted to a site such as justpaste.it is removed for violating terms of service.

"In addition, the data suggests that rather than waiting for these pages to be archived by the service's web crawler, members are actively archiving pages after creating them.

"This is evidenced by links to archived sites appearing in the same post as the link to the original content."