Robots will be used to deliver mail in Norway.



The Norwegian postal service Posten has signed a partnership with San Francisco startup Buddy Mobility to provide an AI machine to bring your mail.

However, it gives a new meaning to the term snail mail as the bot - a small box on wheels - moves at six kilometres per hour, with the capacity of delivering 100 parcels a day, as reported by Digital Trends.

As well as slow speed, the robot also won't deliver the mail directly to your house, instead sending a notification through an app to let you know it's time to walk out, collect your mail and send it on its way.

Despite the apparent shortcomings, Buddy Mobility has praised its partnership with Posten and insisted it will provide "cost savings to offset revenue losses", and "dramatically" decrease mail volumes.

On the company's website, the startup writes: "Buddy Mobility is an autonomous vehicle service bringing new efficiencies to urban mobility.

"We partner with delivery and passenger providers to extend the services that make movement more flexible, reliable--and sustainable.

"Our team is an international group of designers, product developers, researchers, and engineers based in Oslo and the San Francisco Bay Area."