Samsung has unveiled its vertical Samsung Sero TV screen which is aimed at smartphone-obsessed millennials.

Samsung Galaxy Fold Event

Samsung Galaxy Fold Event

The South Korean firm has named the elongated screen after the Korean word for vertical, Sero.

The purpose of the long screen is to enable the viewer to watch their Instagram Stories or Snapchat on a larger device.

Samsung said it's "Based on a product philosophy that not only takes into account the characteristics of millennials but that reflects their taste and lifestyle in the residential space.

"Everyone should respect their own taste."

As well as displaying social media, it can also be used to stream music.

Han Jong-hee, president of visual display business at Samsung, continued: "Samsung will continue introducing screens that respect personal consumer tastes.

"We will think outside the box to bring different types of screens and different user experiences."

The Sero will be available in South Korea for 1.89 million KRW (£1,260) by the end of May.

The TV follows the release of Samsung's Galaxy Fold - the world's first foldable smartphone.