H2Go Power can power drones with 'happy gas'.



The young team from Imperial College in London wants a patent to store hydrogen gas cheaply and safely, rather than the typical manner which requires large, ultra-strong tanks able to withstand vast amounts of pressure.

However, Dr. Enass Abo-Hamed came up with a revolutionary structure during her PhD studies in Cambridge, which could allow the gas to be stored without compression.

She told the BBC: "The pressure involved is similar to what you'd get in a coffee machine."

She was paired with materials scientists Dr. Luke Sperrin - with whom she founded H2Go Power - and the pair teamed up with Canadian hydrogen fuel cell maker Ballard a year ago.

The partnership was formed with the goal of making a drone which used the reactor to safely store the gas for flight - although their test run in Boston was almost rained off.

Dr. Sperrin said: "Of course you need really good weather to fly a drone.

"And it poured with rain for the first few days. We weren't even sure whether we'd even be able to go ahead.

"So when it did fly, it was a huge relief."

And Dr. Abo-Hamed revealed her goals go far beyond just flying drones.

She explained: "So if drones could stay longer in the sky, they can deliver medicine. Or scan a disaster area and send the information back.

"My dream really is not just to make drones.

"Maybe in the next twenty or thirty years we could de-carbonise air travel, which is something really important for our climate."