A singer has claimed to have created the world's first "unblockable" music video.

Woman at computer

Woman at computer

Kelly Donnelly, formerly of the pop group Paradiso Girls, has declared that the promo for her single 'I Am She' is available to view in all countries uncensored thanks to Lantern, a tool that allows those living in countries such as Saudi Arabia and North Korea to access all the internet has to offer.

The British TV host says the move has empowered fellow females living in repressed areas.

Speaking about her song to Sky News, Kelly said: "'I Am She' is about me, but it's not just about me, this whole project, mission that I'm trying to do is to be relatable to all women, to everyday women, to the everyday mother.

"So that's so amazing that since this started and the single came out that so many women have contacted me from Afghanistan, Mexico and Africa, saying 'I Am She' ... it feels like a collective, instead of it just being about me."

She added: "I wanted the video to be a celebration of women, no airbrushing, showing the day-to-day struggles we all go through, but also for a sense of hope ... that we can all stick together and have a sense of equality."

The SEO of Lantern says the main reasoning behind making the content unblockable is to make a stand for female empowerment worldwide.

Wolf O'Reilly added: "Beyonce and Rihanna are not necessarily blocked in these regions (although the sexier videos of both these artists would be for sure).

"The main point here is a very specific female empowerment video directed at these countries would be blocked immediately, so that's why we make it unblockable."