E-sports are on the rise amid the coronavirus pandemic.



The real-life sporting world has largely come to a standstill due to the ongoing health crisis - but E-sports are are proving to be hugely popular at the current time.

Boxing promoter Kalle Sauerland is eager to see fighters return to the ring as soon as possible, of course.

However, to fill the void in fans' lives, he's helped to create computer-versus-computer simulations from the 2011 Electronic Arts game 'Fight Night Champion'. And according to Sauerland, the experiment has proven to be a huge success.

He told the BBC: "It's been huge success so far and it's growing. We'll still be boxing promoters at the end of all this but I think now is the time to reinvent the wheel a bit to keep people entertained."

E-gamer Amy Bayliss, who is known by her fans as Bamyleaf, has also recently noticed an upturn in viewer numbers.

Amy explained: "There's a lot of people turning to live streaming right now because they're home and bored and everyone's feeling isolated.

"But it's not just about tuning in to see decent gameplay, it's just as much belonging and community."