A Chinese billionaire has signed a deal to create the country's first supersonic bullet trains.



Li Shufu's company Geely Holding joined forces with state-owned China Aerospace Science and Industry Corp. on Tuesday (06.11.18) to announce they are set to manufacture the state of the art mode of transport using homegrown technology.

Admitting that it will be a challenge to source local tech, Li said: "Core technology can't be bought.

"The more you use others' technology, the more reliant you become. We have to innovate on our own. The journey will be tough but the prospects are promising."

CASIC Chairman, Gao Hongwei, said he believes it's possible to build a train network which will enable people to travel from Beijing to Paris, France - which takes just under 12 hours via plane - in just three hours.

The supersonic train agreement follows a French firms plans for a flying train.

The 'Link & Fly' designed by Akka Technologies has wings that come off so that it can transport passengers via rail back home without them having to leave their seat.

Akka's Chief Executive Officer Maurice Ricci said previously: "After cars go electric and autonomous, the next big disruption will be in airplanes."