Some Tesla Performance models have been hit with a software bug.



The car manufacturer's Ludicrous mode has been hit by the mishap after an over-the-air software update was pushed onto its vehicles in March this year, and it appears it unintentionally removed some features allowing access to the full power mode.

According to Electrek, P85D and P90D customers with the upgrade were left without access to launch control of max battery power mode - both vital with engaging in Ludicrous Mode - after the update.

A Tesla representative has addressed the report and confirmed the company is "in the process" of getting things back to how they should be.

In a statement, the company explained: "These settings were inadvertently removed from some vehicles during a UI update, and we are in the process of restoring the functionality.

"This change was in no way meant to limit the performance of any vehicles, and we're sorry for any inconvenience to affected customers."

Meanwhile, earlier this month Tesla introduced some new safety features designed to stop drivers drifting out of their lane.

The two new additions - Lane Departure Avoidance and Emergency Lane Departure Avoidance - are designed with the goal of stopping common causes of accidents which can occur if a driver isn't using Autopilot.

The former will alert the driver if the car is exiting a lane without an indicator while hands aren't on the wheel.

If this happens too often while you're using cruise control, the car will automatically slow down to 15 miles below either the speed limit or your current speed - between 25 and 90 mph - with your hazard lights on.

Meanwhile, Emergency Lane Departure Avoidance automatically takes control of the car to steer it back into its lane if it thinks the vehicle is going to crash or veer off the road.

Although, like the other feature, this can be turned off, this one will be re-enabled at the start of the next drive.