Twitter has started testing a feature to let users switch the order of the tweets they see.



The social networking site has revealed that a small selection of iOS users would see a new button on their home screen that lets them instantly move between a display of most recent tweets, or one chosen by an algorithm to show what it deems the most important posts.

Posting on Wednesday (31.10.18), the company revealed: "Sometimes you want to see the latest Tweets, first.

"We're testing a way for you to make it easier to switch your timeline between the latest and top Tweets. Starting today, a small number of you will see this test on iOS."

It comes after Twitter promised in September that it would give users the option to view their timeline in reverse chronological order.

At the time, the company updates the 'Show the best tweets first' setting to ensure tat when it was turned off it would only display tweets from people you follow.

However, the new feature will make that easier by making sure it's front and centre instead of buried in the app's settings.

As reported by CNET, a Twitter spokesman has confirmed the company has plans to also test the update on Android devices in the future.