Uber riders in Australia and New Zealand could risk being banned from the service for low ratings.

Uber rider

Uber rider

Starting on September 19, new guidelines mean that people who regularly get marked down on the ride sharing taxi service's build-in ranking system.

The rules state: "If you're average rating is below the city minimum after multiple notifications, your Uber account may be deactivated."

Altough the four star threshold could seem harsh, most riders rate in the mid fours or above, and Uber added to CNET that users would only be banned "after several notifications have been provided".

Meanwhile, there may be steps to take for both riders and drivers in the event of an account being deactivated.

The guidelines continue: "Your account may be reactivated after you satisfy Uber of the steps you've taken to improve: for example, if you're a driver by taking a third-party quality improvement course or if you're a rider, by completing a short educational exercise."

The regulations also reveal that this punishment would also impact other services, such as the Uber Eats food delivery app.

It reads: "As a rider, if your Uber account is deactivated or suspended you will not be able to access either the Uber app or the Uber Eats app."