Some of the UK's most popular TikTok content creators have moved in together during the coronavirus pandemic.



The Bytesquad collective have decided to make the move during the current lockdown in a bid to meet the recent spike in demand from teenagers.

During their time in lockdown, Shauni, 19, SurfaceLdn, 22, Seb, 20, Monty, 17, KT Franklin, 19, and Lily Rose, 20, will be creating useful coronavirus-related content and they will also respond to various fan challenges.

Speaking to the BBC, Monty explained: "I want to help people through coronavirus by helping them stay inside.

"We're doing daily livestreams and other content, so followers have stuff to interact with while they stay indoors. Seeing some of the reactions and comments is really encouraging."

The Fanbytes have been planning the move since the start of 2020, but their ambitions were almost derailed by the pandemic.

Timothy Armoo, the boss of Fanbytes, admitted: "I had a frank conversation with our influencers, and every single one of them was still keen on making it happen."

By contrast, the TikTok house in Los Angeles, known as Fenty Beauty - which was set up by Rihanna - has closed due to the health crisis.

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