WhatsApp and Telegram files can be exposed to malicious actors.

IM services at risk

IM services at risk

New research shows that media files sent through the app could be at risk due to a security flaw - known as "Media File Jacking - which WhatsApp and Telegram for Android.

A report by Symantec's Modern OS Security team explains: " It stems from the lapse in time between when media files received through the apps are written to the disk, and when they are loaded in the apps' chat user interface (UI) for users to consume.

"This critical time lapse presents an opportunity for malicious actors to intervene and manipulate media files without the user's knowledge.

If the security flaw is exploited, a malicious attacker could misuse and manipulate sensitive information such as personal photos and videos, corporate documents, invoices, and voice memos. "Attackers could take advantage of the relations of trust between a sender and a receiver when using these IM apps for personal gain or to wreak havoc."