Where are you travelling on Valentine's Day?

Where are you travelling on Valentine's Day?

Are you planning a surprise holiday or mini-getaway for your other half this Valentine's Day? To make sure everything runs smoothly, follow Hotwire.com's top tips to make your travels unforgettable. 

1. Surprise, Surprise

First off you need to decide if it is going to be a complete surprise, i.e. you pick them up with bag packed and all and tell them absolutely nothing, or you give them warning that you will be taking them away but don’t give any other details away (apart from maybe what to pack…). You might like to get their friends involved in collecting intelligence on where your partner would like to go. But make sure you don’t tell someone who’s going to reveal the secret.

2. Date Decider 

If you’re going for the complete surprise you need to choose a date when your partner doesn’t have plans. In order to make sure it stays that way either book in something routine with them or get one of their friends in on it and get them to make a plan.

3. Planning

Get great deals on your flights by using price comparison website skyscanner.net or use Quno.com to book train tickets. Look up restaurants, bars, shops and museum near where you are staying or ask your hotel for recommendations.

4. Destination

Find a place that is special to the both of you or finally go to that city you’ve always dreamed of going to together. Perhaps you’d prefer to go somewhere relaxing, or head somewhere where there are plenty of activities to keep you both entertained. Once you’ve decided on where you’d like to go, book a place to stay. If you’re looking for a nice hotel but at a reasonable price, check out Hotwire.com which has rooms for up to 50% of with their ‘Secret Hot Rate Deals’.

5. Play it Safe

Before you book anything it’s worth considering taking out travel insurance. This is to safe guard you against unforeseeable cancellations or anything that should go wrong while on your trip.

6. Keeping the Secret 

To keep the secret totally, well, secret, you have to consider lots of little things. Make sure confirmation emails aren’t going to a joint address and any calls from hotels or agents go to your mobile.

7. It's All in the Details

If you’re going abroad you need to make sure that you both have valid passports. You will also need to arrange child-care, pet-sitting, or house-sitting.

8. The Big Reveal

Once you’re on your way reveal everything all at once and fill them in on where you’re going, staying and activities or reveal different aspects of the trip as you go along. 

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