The stress of Christmas shopping isn't worth it to some

The stress of Christmas shopping isn't worth it to some

Every year it seems the countdown to Christmas starts earlier, but what of its after effects?

It appears that the ever extending festive period populated with planning, spending and general consumption is attributing to increasing instances of anxiety and a hangover in physical and financial terms which for some lasts until March.

A pre-Christmas survey released today shows that it takes 1 in 5 people until March to pay for Christmas; over 80% say it takes a month to recover from the stress caused; and 1 in 10 take 4 months to lose the weight we put on.

Taking these factors into account it’s perhaps unsurprising that over half the population is considering spending the Christmas period abroad, with this most marked amongst 25-34 year olds (59%).

Of those who have previously turned their back on the traditional, anxiety fueled festivities a considerable one in three have felt more relaxed as a result.

As well as saving our sanity, 30% of people surveyed by Thailand’s new luxury resort Conrad Koh Samui who have gone away, said they actually spent less on food and drink.

So what difference would it make to start thinking about a different type of Christmas this year? Watch the video with Dale Keller, from Conrad Koh Samui, where he discusses why we should relieve the stress of Christmas by getting away. 

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