Caravanning is making a comeback

Caravanning is making a comeback

It has long been a British institution loved my millions and now a new study shows the caravanning holiday is coming back in a big way, with one in five Brits planning a caravanning or camping holiday this year.

Hitting the road in the summer is cool, and a lot of us jump in our caravans and annoy the hell out of other motorists – driving slowly and creating jams. So, if you are planning on fixing a caravan to the back of your car, it’s vital that you make sure you know what you’re doing first.

Research commissioned by  Nissan found that four out of ten people who tow caravans, trailers or boats have had no training on how to do so. Many also feel that they don’t get any respect on the road from other drivers, with six out of ten saying other drivers treat them without due care, consideration or attention, while 40 per cent say they have felt pressured into taking risks as a result of other driver behaviour.

Are you towing for the first time, or just fancy a refresher on how to tow safely?  Either way, watch the video below, with Tim Shallcross from the Institute of Advanced Motorists and Nissan’s Head of 4x4, Rachael Gregory. They share their tips and advice on everything from how to load to manoeuvring whilst towing as well as hitching and unhitching and how to make sure your vehicle is powerful enough to tow the caravan so tha you can reach your destination safely.

For anyone planning on going on a caravanning holiday, this video will give a full run down of everything you need to know.

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