New York City

New York City

For those drawn to fashion and style Paris is a dream city to reside. Not far behind are Milan, Tokyo and New York.

Of course there are always good deals concerning men's fashion floating around in stores, or even better, the internet.

For those able to indulge or lucky enough to already live in or close to these fashion capitals, shopping sprees abroad can be a great way to understand localised styles better and internalise fashion the way people do there.

More than just travelling

It is the same experience with every other field in life - to get the real feeling for something it is essential to leave home and get to see something new in order to broaden one's horizon.

New York would surely be a good example for that - a metropolis showing a very unique side of America, no one can really an inside understanding without living there.

Many people perceive New York City to how it is in the media. Most of the time they will be little disappointed when landing at JFK and seeing the city first hand.

On the other side, there are people who would have expected the open-minded and multicultural city that New York City is.

For those thinking of making the big step to move to the ‘big apple’, being accepted to making a living there, can be tricky but there are possibilities to gain visas from the green card lotteries, for example. An option safe and most importantly, legal way to get there for long term purposes.

Lifestyle is not just a small dose of an atmosphere in another place that everyone gets during vacation - it is much more.

It is about getting to know new people, making new friends and connections and about breathing unfamiliar air until feeling accustomed to the new surroundings and getting a sense of home in the former outland.