holiday love

holiday love

Love was the top thing people wanted to return with from holiday, followed by a tan and new friendships, according to the survey by  dating website,

There is a common perception that holidays away with friends are more about partying and one night stands than looking for ‘The One’. In fact a previous survey by Miss Travel revealed the promiscuous behavior of British holidaymakers, with more than 40 per cent of women under 30 having a one-night stand whilst away and one in 10 having at least five lovers during a week long break.

However the new results, based on 575 Brits who had recently holidayed abroad, show romance may not be dead after all, as more people would rather come back having fallen in love than having had just a sexual fling.

Bronzed skin is still very much in fashion, with a tan being the second most popular thing people want to come back with from holiday. Indeed not getting a tan whilst away, has been found to be the top hot-holiday fear for 57 per cent of us – showing that for sun-starved Brits getting that golden summer glow is all important.

A break provides the perfect opportunity to rest and return home less stressed – a top five thing to come back from holiday with

Whether at a party destination or a family resort it appears that making new friends is a high priority for many of those surveyed by

Returning with an address book full of new phone numbers and promises to “keep in touch” and “do it all again next year” are what holidaymakers thrive on – despite statistics showing only 35 per cent do keep in contact with friends made on holiday.

Enjoying socialising while away may be due to feeling more relaxed and at ease. With rising working hours, bills and unemployment, many are still feeling the impact of the recession. A break provides the perfect opportunity to rest and return home less stressed – a top five thing to come back from holiday with.

Perhaps in an effort to show off the much wanted holiday tan, a new Facebook profile picture was in the Top 10 things people want from their holiday – showing that even when we are away we are still aware of our presence on social networking sites.

However people did express more cultural aims of the holiday. While not in the top three, returning from holiday with new experiences of the foreign culture, such as having experienced novel foods or activities, were also popular. Some are even so ambitious as to want to return from home having learnt a new language, which was at tenth place in the poll.

Miss Travel is a unique dating website, which connects people that share a passion for travel. The site works by matching those who have the money to holiday but lack company with those who love to travel but don’t have the financial resources to do so.

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