Holiday money

Holiday money

An online independent cruising travel agency found that the average Britain spends £1,204 on holidays in a typical year, which means as a nation we spend over 40 billion on holidays each year.

Holiday season is in full swing and Bon Voyage took 1,367 Brits from 18 and over and asked them what they have spent on their holidays in the last year.

The study initially asked respondents, ‘Have you been on holiday in the past year, either in the UK or abroad?’ to which the vast majority, 62%, of respondents said ‘yes’.

The Brits were asked how much they has spent on their holiday in the last year, which included holidays, accommodation, travel, food and expenses. After gating all the information it was found that they spend on average 1,024 each year.

They were then asked what cost the most on holiday and it was found that transport was top of the pile, with 38% agreeing on this. 34 % of Brits said that most of their money went on food and drinks and 21% said that the greatest expenditure was their accommodation. 17% said that things they took home in terms of gifts were their greatest extravagance.

The Brits were then quizzed as to whether they thought they spent too much on holiday to which 55% said that they didn’t and 34% said that they put money by in order for them to spend more on holidays. 44% said that their yearly holiday as the main thing that they look forward to each time they go.

Steph Curtin, Cruise Development Manager of Bon Voyage, spoke about the findings:

“To see what we Britons spend collectively on holidays each year is a whopping amount of money- but it appears we’re a nation of holiday lovers! Despite the current hot spell, we’re usually cursed with bad weather that most would rather escape from to sunnier climbs; and is the highlight of many people’s years. I personally agree with people who don’t want to reduce their holiday budgets. Holidays are quite often one of the only times of the year that you can make the most of your hard work and fully enjoy your money by spending it on what you love. Obviously there is nothing wrong with trying to get a discount for your hotel or flights or bagging a late deal bargain, but if making the most of your holidays means spending a bit more than you usually would then I say go for it. After all, we only live once!”


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