Research from TravelSupermarket reveals the average Brit will spend £1,243 on their main holiday next year - 8% more than in 2015 and 12% more than was predicted in 2011, when the travel comparison site's Travel Trends Tracker first began.

The annual report into the top holiday trends also found that British tourists will spend seven per cent more on flights and accommodation in 2016 and will take an extra £41 in spending money with them.

2016 Holiday Hotspots

Spain remains a firm favourite for British tourists and is set to be the number one holiday destination abroad next year, with planned visits by 11% of holidaymakers. Meanwhile, the British staycation trend is in decline, falling 25% since the report began in 2011 to an all-time-low of 30% of holidaymakers staying in the UK for next year's break.

Despite its financial crisis, Greece (to be visited by 4% of Brits) has risen in popularity, overtaking Italy (3%) to claim the fourth spot of Brits' preferred holiday destinations. The USA (6%), countries in Asia (3%), Cyprus (2%) and The Caribbean (3%) have all crept up the list too, as the report shows holidaymakers can afford to travel further afield. Meanwhile, for the first time in five years, Turkey has dropped out of the top ten list altogether, to 11th place, and Portugal has also decreased in popularity by one percentage point.

While most holidaymakers (39%) will be going on one main holiday with occasional shorter breaks, the average Brit will go on 2.7 holidays in 2016 (an increase from 2.6 last year)*. Their main break will be a 9.71 day holiday, departing in June to a Spanish beach resort with their partner. They will spend £730 per person on transport (getting there) and accommodation and will each allocate £513 towards spending money. Most will opt for self-catering accommodation (27%), with 15% choosing all-inclusive deals, 14% bed and breakfast, and 13% half board.

Take me to the beach

While beach holidays and city breaks remain Brits' trip of choice (27% and 13% respectively) they're set to see a decline in popularity next year (beach breaks are down 10% and city breaks are down seventeen per cent compared to last year). However, 'action holidays' (e.g. mountain biking, canoeing and skiing), will see a 50% increase as 'the year of sport' approaches with the Olympics and Euro 2016 championships.

A nation of culture vultures

Exploring holiday motivations, over half (59%) will be searching for the ideal destination to relax and unwind, while a further 39% will be looking to spend much needed quality time with their family. The desire to experience different cultures, seeking out galleries and monuments, has increased by 15% compared to this time last year (up to 23%). However, despite an increase in spending money, Brits will be 20% less likely to lap it up in the land of luxury (13% vs. 15% in 2015).

Me, myself and I

Although 55% of Brits will be going on holiday with their husband or wife next year, the report also reflects a growing trend for solo travel, finding that almost a quarter of travellers (24%) would be happy to break the mould and embark on a trip on their own. Nearly a quarter (24%) of Brits also admitted there is no stigma associated with going on holiday alone anymore as more than seven per cent of British holidaymakers plan to travel solo next year.

Bob Atkinson, travel expert from TravelSupermarket said "The nation's holiday habits have always been a barometer of consumer confidence and economic stability and this year is no different. We're seeing holidaymakers travel further afield, for longer and spend more while doing so."

"The resilience of the British public is also apparent from this study, as despite 2015 being an unprecedented year of tragic headlines affecting the travel industry, Brits are still keen to get abroad with less opting for staycations in 2016 and total holiday spend on the up. The after effects of this are reduced interest in Turkey, Egypt and Tunisia. However time will tell whether these key beach holiday locations can recover in the minds of UK holidaymakers."

"The key 2016 holiday booking season is just around the corner, so I recommend getting organised now to secure the best deals. Start by working out what you want to do and when you want to go. Planning ahead and comparing a wider range of products online could save you hundreds of pounds, whether you are a couple on a stylish city break or a family on a budget. Don't forget to include added extras such as car hire when costing it all up as this will ensure that you don't get hit with high prices when you go away. You'll appreciate the forward planning, not only will it save you money, there's nothing like having an exciting trip to look forward through the cold and dismal months of January and February."

Research shows an increase in our holiday spending for 2016

Research shows an increase in our holiday spending for 2016

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