Loitering with in-tent: world's toughest, lightest and most packable camping mat hits UK shelves this month.

It's officially camping season - the most relaxing of holiday options. But what by rights should be one of life's simplest pleasures can become a washout when the heavens open.

We can't control the weather, but at least we can make sure there's something comfortable to sit on and unwind come rain or shine. The new (British-made) PACMAT is the toughest, most durable camping rug on the planet*. At just 210g, it's one of the lightest and most packable, too - meaning you never need worry about squeezing in a bulky picnic rug again.

But what makes the PACMAT so special is its surface. It's made from technical microfibre polyester so it's soft to sit on, sheds water on impact, dries fast, and is easy to wash. And unlike other fabrics on the market like wool, it won't shrink (or smell) when it's wet, either. What's more, its rip-stop nylon base doubles as a handy waterproof shelter if - and when- you are caught out and about.

- The PACMAT Original Family:

  • Mat size: 140cm x 140cm
  • Pattern: PACMAT original
  • Bag base diameter: 12cm
  • Bag height: 15.5cm
  • Weight: 485g inc. bag
  • RRP: £49

- PACMAT Original Solo:

  • Mat size: 140cm x 60cm
  • Pattern: PACMAT original
  • Bag base diameter: 12cm
  • Bag height: 13cm
  • Weight: 210g inc. bag
  • RRP: £35

* According to a panel of expert mums and dads.