An online travel agency found that the UK hate cut out swimsuits and say that they are the worst holiday fashion that anyone can sport while abroad. This won above the socks and sandals look and most of the holiday makers asked admit that they don’t make an effort while away. took 2,178 men and women and asked them about fashion trends and what they saw and sported while they were away on holiday and were asked what they thought were the work fashion holiday trends, the top ten were as follows:.


      1.      Cut out swimsuits – 61%

2.      Socks and sandals – 59%

3.      Speedos – 55%

4.      Ill-fitting bikinis – 48%

5.      Hawaiian Shirts – 37%

6.      Patriotic clothing (e.g. England shirt or Union Jack clothes) – 36%

7.      Sun visors – 31%

8.       Maxi dresses – 28%

9.      Oversized hats – 25%

10.  Wedges – 19%


52% were brave enough to admit that they don’t make an effort on holiday, mainly due to the fact that they wouldn’t see anyone they knew, 46% and 19% said they they simply wanted to feel relaxed and comfortable. 


Chris Clarkson, Managing Director of, said the following:


“I think it’s fairly normal to let go a bit on holiday, because you want to feel relaxed. A holiday shouldn’t be a fashion parade and, whilst it’s nice to dress up on the occasional evening, the most important thing is to wear what you feel good in and what keeps you cool on a warm break!


“It seems both men and women alike aren’t a fan of the cut out swimsuit trend. I must admit, I’ve never really seen the appeal, because I’m sure they can only result in dodgy tan lines!”


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