Have you ever had to run through the airport?

Have you ever had to run through the airport?

Traffic jams top the list of flight delay excuses, while travellers also admit to some bizarre reasons for missing a flight – one in ten have overslept, four per cent got to the airport but on the wrong day, while one per cent failed to even turn up to the correct airport in the first place.

Almost a quarter made it through security with time to spare but still failed to board in time: 12 per cent have missed their flight being called, five per cent got carried away in the bars and restaurants or lost track of time shopping and three per cent of holidaymakers fail to make the flight after not leaving enough time to get to the departure gate.

Although men are most likely to miss their flight, they are most willing to get creative in order to catch a free transfer to another flight, and are more successful at it than women.

Results show almost half of men will try to charm their way onto the next available flight with an improvised excuse of why they are late, with one in five claiming it worked. This compared to one in three women that try it, with only 14 per cent saying it worked.

Despite the array of nearby airports and great, high-speed connections, one in five Londoners still claim to have missed their flight.

Victoria Bailie at Skyscanner said: “The sinking feeling of having missed a flight is all too common for a fifth of travellers, with many of those who admit to it, being repeat offenders.

"It’s particularly interesting to see how many people still manage to miss their flight despite having arrived through to the departure area in plenty of time. Changing flights can be very expensive so it’s important to keep switched on at airports, at least until you’re safely seated on board," she added.

Reasons given for missing a flight:

1. I got stuck in traffic

2. I missed the flight being called

3. I didn't leave enough time to get to the airport

4. My connecting flight was delayed

5. I overslept

6. I forgot my passport

7. I lost track of time in the shops and bars

8. I misread the time of my flight

9. I went to the wrong terminal

10. I got the dates wrong

11. I didn't realise the distance to the gate

12. I went to the wrong airport

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