Sydney Bridge

Sydney Bridge

It looks like Britons are looking to travel outside of Europe for some Winter sun this year, as Sydney in Australia was the most searched- for Christmas destination on-site in the past three months, according to search terms relating to ‘Christmas holiday discounts 2012’. 

This was closely followed by Dubai and New York City, in second and third place respectively.

Mark Pearson, Chairman of, said: “Getting away for the Christmas period can be incredibly tempting, particularly given how stressful the thought of too much family time can be for many.

"We therefore wanted to take a look into the destinations that have been searched for the most relating to the term ‘Christmas holiday discounts’, with Sydney by far dominating the number of searches made in the past three months. It’s clear that some people want to get really far away from the annual game of Trivial Pursuit this year!”

According to site statistics released by, the top ten most wanted destinations by Britons for a Christmas abroad this year were as follows:

1. Sydney                                            

2. Dubai

3. New York City

4. Paris

5. Hong Kong            

6. Venice

7. Cape Town      

8. Tenerife                               

9. Copenhagen                                     

10. Berlin                                                                                 

Mark added: "It’s unsurprising to see that people would want to look for discounts on these destinations. Christmas is an expensive time, and given the distance some people want to travel, looking for discounts on a hefty travel bill makes sense.

"Keep an eye on our website as we have some great deals for travelling abroad, and it’s a great opportunity to do something different and start the New Year on a sunny note!" he said.

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