Money leads to friends falling out on holiday

Money leads to friends falling out on holiday

How often do you holiday with friends? According to new research, even though a large majority of Britons have already been on holidays with friends, more than a quarter do not wish to repeat the experience. polled 1,352 people aged 18 and over across the UK, and initially asked them ‘Have you ever been on holiday with friends?’ to which 68 per cent answered yes.

Of the many holidaymakers who travel with friends, 27 per cent said they wouldn’t like to repeat the experience because of complications and arguments while away.

According to the results, the top five reasons Britons don’t want to go on holiday with their friends again included; it is too much hassle to organise for 34 per cent of respondents; 29 per cent said it’s because they have different budgets; whilst a quarter said they fell out badly on holiday which ruined their friendship; 21 per cent don’t actually like the same holidays; and 12 per cent opted for the ‘other’ option without explanation.

Mark Pearson, Chairman of, said: “On the bright side of things, a group holiday often appears like a nice and cheap option for Britons as you get the chance to spread the cost and reduce the cost per person."

Money is always a source of arguments whatever you do so I would advise people to make sure they agree on spending, activities and overall budget beforehand to avoid disappointment and arguments.

“You don’t want a holiday to be the cause of the end of a friendship.”

Furthermore, the respondents who declared falling out badly with their friends while being on holidays were then asked to specify the reason why it happened. 

According to the results, 36 per cent of friends have fallen out on holidays due to having different budgets and disagreeing about spending, while 31 per cent said they just didn’t get on, 28 per cent wanted to do different things and just over a fifth claimed to have seen a different side to their friend.

A fussy 14 per cent stated they didn’t like their friend’s other half, which caused fallouts on holiday.

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