Brits are Willing to Travel 887 Miles for Their Sweetheart on Valentine’s Day

Brits are Willing to Travel 887 Miles for Their Sweetheart on Valentine’s Day

You can’t put a price on love, but according to new findings you might be able to put a distance on it. The average Briton is prepared to travel 887 miles to be with their loved one this Valentine’s Day - far enough to cover a trip from London to Rome.

Although a quarter of those polled by Hertz in Britain claimed they wouldn’t be willing to travel more than 30 miles to be with the object of their affection, on Valentine’s Day, the good news is that eight out of nine would at least be happy to make a reasonable trek to be with their loved one on February 14th.

OnePoll surveyed 2,000 respondents from the UK and France on behalf of Hertz and found that despite Brits showing their affectionate side, it would appear we still have some work to do when it comes to outdoing our neighbours across the Channel.

The average French resident claims that they would be willing to travel 1,198 miles to be with their special someone, with 12 per cent ready to venture more than 6,000 miles.

The FemaleFirst office is divided on this one. Editor Helen Earnshaw says: “A phone call would suffice.” Maybe not too surprising of a viewpoint from a north-England resident, as the survey found that it was respondents from Essex who are the most romantic, with residents from Chelmsford willing to travel furthest for love.

However, music editor, Cameron Smith, says he could make an exception if Valentine’s Day was important to his special lady. He said: “Let’s kick it off by saying I think that Valentine’s is a whole bunch of crap. That being said, if the day mattered to her and we had to do a long distance relationship or she was working away, I’d hop on a plane without a second thought.

“Maybe not a long haul flight, but definitely a couple of hours in the air is doable if she cared at all about the day. What can I say, I’m a chump.”

The survey also revealed that long distance relationships doesn’t seem to be on the cards for those living in Gloucester though, with locals being the least likely to take to the road in the name of romance.

And with the introduction of new technology, FemaleFirst’s relationships editor says it would depend on the location in which her loved one is and how long it has been since last seeing that special person.

Cara says: “It depends how far away they live I guess. I'd travel anywhere in England and possibly to Europe if I could.

“If I hadn't seen them in a long time, possibly further but with the likes of Skype then you really don't need to travel thousands of miles to see your loved one.”

And it seems that Rebecca Edge, FemaleFirst’s Affiliate Marketing Coordinator agrees, but says that money is also a factor. She said: “If he lived in the UK then yes I would travel anywhere within the UK, but anywhere outside the UK would depend on my financial situation. I think I would rather him come to me though.”

The Hertz poll also revealed the dating habits of loved up British drivers, with almost half saying they would most like to be driven to a romantic restaurant to celebrate St. Valentine’s Day. A trip to the seaside came in second with 39 per cent, whereas a quarter said they would most like to drive somewhere nice to admire the view. 

Whitney Houston and Bryan Adams tunes topped the charts when it came to the nation’s favourite songs to enjoy on a romantic Valentine’s drive.

UK towns/cities most willing to travel for love:

1. Chelmsford

2. Aberystwyth

3. Liverpool

4. Wolverhampton

5. Wrexham

UK towns/cities least willing to travel for love:

1. Gloucester

2. York 

3. Newcastle

4. Swansea

5. Sheffield

Just like romantic couples up and down the country, Hertz and Air France are also celebrating their very special relationship this February.

Toasting 24 years as longstanding partners, Hertz will be offering all Air France-KLM customers 24 per cent off basic car rentals made during the week of Valentine’s Day for any of the 1,000 Air France-KLM destinations around the world. 

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