Brits need the perfect beach body

Brits need the perfect beach body

Most of Brits say that trying out the local food is a huge priority on holiday, with a huge 80% looking to enjoy what there is to offer on the menu.


The Brits also admit that they aim to get beach ready before a holiday by going on diets (20%) as well as developing a personal fitness plan before they leave. Only 10% of French holiday makers fall into this trap.


The Brits feel that the pressure is on to such as extent to look fit that 20% of them would postpone a holiday to get ready for it or even cancel it (14%) if they thought they were not beach ready.


60% of Brits claim that they eat too much on holiday eating back on all their good work, compared to 39% of German and French Holiday makers who do the same.



The top items Brits ‘get prepped’ and invest in before heading on holiday to the beach include:


  • · New beach outfits: 40%
  • · Working out: 26%
  • · Getting hair done: 24%
  • · Dieting: 21%
  • · Waxing: 18%
  • · Tanning: 14%
  • · Spa treatments: 6%



While Brits focus on their diets it’s those across the pond who are more fond of waxing, the Brazilians are top leaders when it come to this, (45%) whereas the rest of Europe rank at 43%.


Brits are not bashful when it comes to nudity on the beach, compared to the Danes where only 40% will go topless. One in five Brits are also not fazed by posting pictures on social media sites of themselves in a swimsuit.


Unlike the Germans, we Brits don’t like wearing speedos; only 2% would dare to wear these. 21% of Germans would opt for these over anything else. It would appear that Brits are gradually becoming keener to keep their skin healthy as many now opt for the shade instead of getting the ‘lobster’ tan that we are famous for.


Despite being confident enough to take of your top, it is wise to check out which countries find this less socially acceptable, such as Japan and Malaysia, where less than 5% opt for this.


In Asia, Mexico and Brazil only 12% and 6% would go topless.  


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