Alex Jones

Alex Jones

Alex Jones finds an "orange shroud" of fake tan on her bed sheets every morning.

That's when you know that you've been Strictly'd.

The 'One Show' presenter - who is competing alongside James Jordan in 'Strictly Come Dancing' - admitted as well as the unsightly stain on her linen, her pillows are always covered in glitter.

She said: "I woke up this morning and realised that even my bed now has a bit of 'Strictly' about it. There's an orange shroud displaying exactly the position I slept in the night before, thanks to multiple layers of fake tan, and my pillows are flecked with glitter!

"That's when you know that you've been Strictly'd."

However, Alex explained she is still struggling with nerves ahead of each live performance, and after being offered a range of remedies by her fellow contestants, she has taken to practising when she's waiting at cash points.

She added in her column for Radio Times magazine: "Lulu gave me a herbal spray, Rory suggested a psychologist, Russell lent me his positive pebble and Nancy offered a cheeky swig of champagne.

"I'm now trying deep breathing. I just need to remember not to do it at the cashpoint while I'm practising moving my ribcage and rotating my hip! That could look very weird!"