The Fall TV season is already upon us, as next week sees the big networks releasing their new batch of shows battling for TV supremacy.

 Being the helpful souls we are here at FemaleFirst, we thought we’d sort through it all and bring you the best and brightest that this season’s set to offer up.

Who knows, maybe your new favourite shows amongst them?

Arrow – (Starts Wednesday, October 10th)

DC Comic’s latest attempt to take Marvel down a peg, superhero Green Arrow comes to the small screen this autumn.

The show see classic comic character Oliver Queen returning from the wilderness with a grudge against crime in his city (stop me when this all starts to sound like a man who dresses like a bat) and the need to clear his father’s name.

Dark and moody, it looks like the perfect shot in the arm for The CW network and the perfect partner for Supernatural on Wednesday nights.

A superhero TV show with a mix of Revenge thrown in for good measure? Count us in!

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The best superhero show to have raised its head on TV, the comparisons are easy, but Arrow looks like it’s going to be far grittier than the adventures of Clark Kent ever were. Colour us excited.


Partners – (Starts Monday, September 24th)

From the creative pairing of David  Kohan and Max Mutchnick comes a new sitcom revolving around a single and gay couple. This time around, it’s all about the bromances, as Partners focuses on Louis and Joe, best friends who have their bond tested to the max when Joe proposes to his long time sweetheart.

With Ugly Betty’s fantastic Michael Urie and ex-Superman Brandon Routh on board, we’re hoping this has all the wit and charm of Will and Grace.

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It’s an easy comparison. Same creative team, same central straight-gay relationship. He’s hoping Partners can be as good as Will & Grace was.


Last Resort – (Starts Thursday, September 27th)

So, you’re a US submarine captain, what do you when you suddenly get ordered to launch you payload of nukes? Refuse and get branded enemies of the state of course!

That’s exactly the start of Last Resort, ABC’s latest enormous drama series to hit the airwaves and try and recapture some of that Lost kudos.

With a stellar cast including Andre Braugher, Scott Speedman and Robert Patrick, Last Resort looks like it might be ABC’s first line of defence his year.

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A mysterious island, a whole bunch of unanswered questions and epic ambitions? Sounds just like a certain J.J Abrams show to us. Let’s just hope Last Resort doesn’t go quite so bonkers.


The Mindy Project – (Starts Tuesday, September  25th)

At some point (if not every point) we’d all like our lives to be a little bit more like a romantic comedy. Mindy’s just the same.

Played by the brilliant Mindy Kaling, her namesake is a young, up and coming OB/GYN doctor unlucky with love and obsessed with rom-coms. We then follow her bumbling mess of a love life, along with her colourful collection of friends.

Created and written by Kaling too, The Mindy project looks like the platform to launch her into the same circles as Zooey Deschanel. About time too.

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Another hopeless romantic, the Bridget Jones films are a great accompaniment to The Mindy Project.


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